Commercial Insurance

Property & Casualty Insurance (P&C)
Property and Casualty coverage are designed to protect company buildings owned and or used for operations. Furniture and fixtures, equipment and machinery, raw stock, and finished goods are all protected against loss result from perils such as: fire, hail, windstorm, civil commotion, and vandalism. Personal property of third parties while located in covered buildings or within a designated distance (example, 100 feet) of the premises can also be insured.

General Liability (GL)
General Liability is among the broadest protections available. This coverage protects your business from claims arising from alleged bodily injury, property damage, among others. Coverage payments can include judgments, attorney fees, court costs or other related expenses.

An umbrella policy acts an excess coverage over primary liability policies. This policy provides protection against catastrophic liability claims. An umbrella policy has three advantages: 1) additional lawsuit coverage, 2) added coverage for defense costs, and finally, provides liability coverage for some lawsuits not covered by primary policies.

Product Liability
Product Liability protects from claims related to the manufacture or sale of goods to the public due to alleged negligence in the manufacture or packaging of products made by the insured.

Workers Compensation / Employers Liability
Workers Compensation is a state – mandated insurance that provides lost income, medical expenses, and rehabilitative services for employees injured on or while performing work related tasks. Additionally, Workers Compensation helps protect employers from lawsuits by employees injured during employment.

Auto Liability
Commercial auto insurance is vehicle insurance policy that provides financial protection to repair or replace business – owned or personal vehicles used for commercial purposes and its drivers as well to pay claims of any third party injured in the accident.

Environmental/Pollution exclusions in General Liability and Property insurance policies are uninsured or underinsured for this exposure. The risk can vary greatly, whether it’s government regulations, consumer concern n environmental issues or protecting new assets. To fill this gap in insurance coverage a number of specialized environmental insurance policies can be designed to address a wide range of loss exposures. Environmental risks vary greatly which is why it is important to design the proper coverage structure for your property or operations — whether it is cleanup costs, bodily injury, business interruption, transportation, or more to mitigate economic exposures correlated with the various environmental risks.